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Tom KraMer

Tom has been a product innovator for over 26 years, and holds a Certificate in Master of Product Development at Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at MCAD. He also holds a certificate from Stanford University for the Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease. He has created revenue for countless customers by delivering innovative product solutions to their portfolios. Tom spearheaded the D3 Proces (Design Driven Development), a vehicle to provide these results to customers, and he teaches this process by traveling as a lecturer and speaking about innovation and development processes.

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10:00 AM PT | 01:00 PM ET
 Duration 60 mins

Human Factors Engineering in New Product Development

This webinar will define human factors engineering and its role in the success of new product development. The session will use real world examples to demonstrate how human factors engineering makes a significant.

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How Home Healthcare is Changing the Medical Device Game

This medical device training program will provide an understanding of creative methodologies to solve design and development challenges of connected solutions for patient monitoring, scheduling, tracking, or drug delivery. It will demonstrate how consumer technologies vary by level of complexity and how they can be used in healthcare.

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