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All About the Regulation of the Practice of Geology in the United States.
Mark R. Brengelman

Mark R. Brengelman, Attorney at Law is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. Mark worked as the assigned counsel to numerous health professions licensure boards as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Moving to private practice, he now helps private clients in a wide variety of contexts who are

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This webinar covers state law requirements common to the regulation of the practice of geology in the United States. Government licensure and the reasons for its implementation will be addressed. This webinar further reviews the basics of government licensure, education, training, and experience common to the practice of geology.

Finally, while the regulation of the practice of geology is covered, this webinar will also address the states where geology is not regulated.
Why should you attend this webinar?
Identifying and understanding the professional practice of the earth sciences is a daunting task in today's multidisciplinary environment. Earth sciences bring together a number of diverse professionals working in a common setting of the environment. As independence for our nation's energy needs becomes critical to our national security, geologists - and other professionals -provide a unique role in identifying, tapping, and extracting our nation's vast natural resources.

Yet state laws vary from state to state and with overlapping scopes of practice between professions and even between independent professions and government services. While geology laws are enacted for the protection of the public, they impose significantly different regulation from state to state, and often in very different ways.

Find out how to understand and navigate the practice of geology which requires specific education, training, and experience. This presentation looks at this body of practice of geology as presented from differing and conflicting state laws. Answer confusion with a fundamental, insightful examination of licensure in geology by the state - and identifying the states where geology is not regulated.

Once completed, the successful knowledge gained during this seminar will empower one's broad overview of the geologic profession in the United States.
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Sources of legal requirements for professional licensure as they relate to geology
  • Exemptions at the state level from the legal requirements for professional licensure as they relate to geology
  • The difference between government licensure in geology and private certification
  • Educational requirements and training common to the geologic professionals
  • State licensure mandates as applied to the practice of geology
  • State agency creation and implementation of the law of the practice of geology
  • Education versus training; theoretical knowledge versus practice
  • Examination of the national organization which owns and administers the key examination mandated by state laws in the profession of geology.
Who can Benefit:
Geologists in corporate and private practice; energy firms; corporate managers in the earth sciences; environmental law attorneys; university faculty in geology and environmental sciences
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Training Options                        Duration: 60 mins
06/28/2017  12:30 PM PST | 03:30 PM EST
Single Attendee:   [Only for one participant]
Price: $165 (Live) Price: $270 (Live + Recorded)
Multiple Attendee:   [For a group of 2 to 5 participants]
Price: $335 (Live) Price: $440 (Live + Recorded)
Corporate Attendee:   [For a group of 6 - 10 Participants]
Price: $670 (Live) Price: $775 (Live + Recorded)
Recorded   [Six month unlimited access]
Price: $193
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