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Personnel Training to Assure QSR and ISO Compliance
Jeff Kasoff

Jeff Kasoff is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. Jeff Kasoff, RAC, CMQ/OE, Lean Black Belt, has more than 30 years in Quality and Regulatory management. Over that time, Jeff has implemented and overseen quality system operations an

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Companies must assure their products are safe and effective for their intended use. To accomplish this, many companies have full teams of Design, Manufacturing, and Quality engineers responsible for implementing validated processes which utilize qualified components.
An equally critical requirement to provide assurance that products are safe and effective, to which far less attention is often paid, is employee training. Processes must not merely be developed by technical personnel, but be straightforward enough to be understood by the direct labor force. Your company must assure its personnel are trained on their routine job practices, as well as familiar with requirements that impact them. A complete and effective employee training program must be in place to assure this. This session will instruct attendees on the regulatory requirements of personnel training, and establishment of a training program, including new employee training, methods of training, how to document training so that it is readily accessible (for review by managers, auditors or inspectors), when to evaluate training requirements, training effectiveness, and when training is not required.
Why should you attend this webinar?
Training and resultant comprehension are the cornerstones of an effective quality system. If personnel do not sufficiently comprehend the direct processes upon which they must be trained (e.g., assembly, inspection documents), product may not be safe and effective. If personnel do not understand the quality system processes that govern the performance of their job (e.g.,complaint handling, CAPA), noncompliances may be significant enough to result in serious regulatory citation.
This webinar is crucial to understanding the best practices in identifying the procedures upon which each person must be trained, designing a process by which this training is easily captured, and evaluation/verification of training effectiveness.
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Requirements for personnel training in QSR and ISO 13485
  • Establishment of training program
  • Methods of personnel training
  • How to assure timeliness of training
  • Documentation of training
  • Evaluation of training requirements
  • Verification of training effectiveness
  • Instances in which training is NOT required
Who can Benefit:
This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all regulated companies that are interested in implementing and maintaining a compliant training program that assures processes are being followed, and personnel are aware of the requirements for their role. The employees who will benefit include:
  • Human Resources management
  • Production management
  • Regulatory management
  • QA management
  • Senior and mid-level management
  • Consultants 
  • Quality system auditors
Product Id : LSHCPJK003
Training Options                        Duration: 60 mins
07/05/2017  12:30 PM PST | 03:30 PM EST
Single Attendee:   [Only for one participant]
Price: $165 (Live) Price: $270 (Live + Recorded)
Multiple Attendee:   [For a group of 2 to 5 participants]
Price: $335 (Live) Price: $440 (Live + Recorded)
Corporate Attendee:   [For a group of 6 - 10 Participants]
Price: $670 (Live) Price: $775 (Live + Recorded)
Recorded   [Six month unlimited access]
Price: $193
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Personnel Training to Assure QSR and ISO Compliance
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