Alarm Management: The Top Joint Commission Priority

Dev Raheja, Keynote Speaker at Compliance Key INC. He has over 25 years of experience as consultant, is the author of the books Safer Hospital Care and Preventing Medical Device Recalls. He is an internationally recognized educator with expertise in risk management, quality, safety, and reliability in healthcare, medical devices, automotive, and aerospace fields. He has taught safety and reliability courses for the University of California, George Washington University, University of Wisconsin and in several countries including Japan, UK, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, and Au........


More than 500 alarm-related deaths occurred between 2009 and 2012. A key factor behind these statistics is alarm fatigue generally described as a situation where an excess number of clinical alarms lead to an adverse patient. In 2012, Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) cited alarm fatigue as its number-one technology hazard. False alarms those that are not medically significant and do not require a medical caregiver response can cause desensitization to alarms among care givers and prevent them from responding appropriately. Researchers surmise there may be as many as 700 alarms per day per patient, an estimated 80% to 99% of which are false or clinically insignificant

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The Joint Commission has declared Alarms Management as a top national patient safety goal. It requires hospitals to minimize alarms and implement safe strategies by January 2016. This webinar covers the safe strategies practiced by such hospitals as Johns Hopkins, Cincinnati Children's and Boston Medical Center

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