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Keith Warwick

Keith Warwick, PE is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. He is an environmental and civil engineer who is licensed in California and has been licensed in Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois and New York when he worked in those regions. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis. He has 34 years of engineering, environmental compliance, and safety management experience. He teaches courses related to his experience for several different organizations and to varied audiences. He is the author of California's Highway 99:Modesto to Bakersfield.

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 Duration 90 mins

Environmental Compliance and Safety Management Inspection and Audit Techniques

This webinar will instruct you on how to develop an inspection protocol that will help reduce the risks of environmental incidents and accidents. The instructor will discuss the implications of an environmental violation or safety violation and how to implement best environmental compliance and safety management inspection and audit techniques.

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 Duration 60 mins

Preparing Environmental Compliance & Safety Management Plans in accordance with 40 CFR 261-268

This course will describe the reasons for establishing a Safety Management and Environmental Compliance program. We will discuss how to establish and maintain such a program. Components will include regulations that are relevant to your operation, how to establish a Safety Manual, and how to comply with the Manual.

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 Duration 60 mins

Construction Cost Estimating

This course assists engineers, architects, landscape architects, estimators and managers understand how to manage and estimate a project even though the scope of projects varies greatly. It helps them perform bids that are accurate enough so the company can have their bids accepted but still make money. We will discuss the needed qualifications of estimators. The seminar emphasizes the need for site visits. Use of different estimating g........

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 Duration 60 mins

How to Conduct an Environmental Audit

This course assists engineers, environmental professionals, safety professionals and managers understand how conduct an environmental audit or inspection. It helps them maintain an environmentally workplace even though humans make mistakes and do not always perform in a manner that meets expectations. The seminar will address the levels of audits from those that take two hours including field work and report writing to those that take a........

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