3-hr Virtual Seminar on Compliance 101: Tackling the Common Realities You Will Encounter in the Profession.

Jay Anstine Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. He is the President of Bluebird Healthlaw Partners, LLC. As a healthcare lawyer specializing in regulatory compliance, Mr. Anstine consults to physicians, senior management, and boards of directors on compliance programs and regulatory issues impacting operations. Mr. Anstine's professional background includes working on the provider and the payer side of the market, for large for-profit and non-profit health systems, and small physician-owned entities. In tackling the countless regulatory and operational issues for these diverse organization ........


This webinar will walk attendees through the most common political dilemmas facing any healthcare compliance professional on a daily basis no matter where they work in healthcare. In addition to identifying these common realities, Mr. Anstine will provide strategies, insights, and tips for how to overcome each reality in order to succeed in the role.  

Why should you attend this webinar?

For any new healthcare compliance officer starting out, typically one's  focus is on onboarding to the role and understanding the regulations. Separate from that body of work, one must develop a skillset for successfully interacting with others on compliance-related issues, because let's be honest, others in the organization seldom want to hear from us. In order to successfully interact with others, one must understand the common realities to the profession and how to overcome them. This presentation is designed to walk attendees through these challenges and offer strategies for improving interpersonal communications to ultimately gain buy-in to the compliance program.

Areas Covered in the Session:

This session will walk through the Top Ten Common Realities that include the following:
Reality #1- The business of healthcare is political. 
Reality #2-Tone-at-the-Top really does exist.
Reality #3-Certain leaders will be defensive.
Reality #4-Certain leaders will be disengaged.
Reality #5-You WILL find out about an issue after-the-fact. 
Reality #6-The devil is in the details when it comes to addressing issues.
Reality #7- Many hotline complaints will be "HR complaints".
Reality #8-There are two sides to the issue: relationships skew information.
Reality #9- Anonymous reports are more challenging to investigate.
Reality #10- Your integrity will be challenged.  

Who can Benefit:

The target audience for this presentation will be new-to-the-profession compliance officers or administrative staff that have taken on a compliance officer function within their organization.

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