Dev Raheja, Keynote Speaker at Compliance Key INC. He has over 25 years of experience as consultant, is the author of the books Safer Hospital Care and Preventing Medical Device Recalls. He is an internationally recognized educator with expertise in risk management, quality, safety, and reliability in healthcare, medical devices, automotive, and aerospace fields. He has taught safety and reliability courses for the University of California, George Washington University, University of Wisconsin and in several countries including Japan, UK, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, and Au........


According to the world quality guru Dr. Deming, management is responsible for 85% quality problems such as inadequate policy, inadequate operating procedures, inadequate supervision, inadequate work conditions, lack of team work, and inattention to how quickly the problems are prevented.

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The first task for management is to set the right policy that aims at doing right things, by right people, at right time. This policy should be measurable so that progress can be tracked until it is fully working. Most companies have policy to listen to the voice of the patients and meet all their expectations. This is a very inadequate policy! Why Because patients don't know all they need until a major harm occurs from medical mistakes! We have to do much more than just meeting the patient's explicit requirements

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