Understanding and performing a consistent risk assessment of possible breaches

As a long time compliance professional, Frank Ruelas is constantly searching for new and improved ways to promote the effectiveness of compliance programs to include a focus on HIPAA and the safeguarding of patient information. Frank's practical approach in complying with the HIPAA regulations to include introducing the "LoProCo" model for risk assessments has assisted compliance professionals across the country in identifying and responding to possible breaches. In addition to HIPAA, Frank also collaborates with compliance professionals on general compliance, auditing and monitoring technique........


Covered entities are required to notify affected individuals within 60 days if there is more than a low probability of that their Protected Information has been compromised. This can result from an impermissible use, disclosure, access, or acquisition. Having the ability to identify possible breaches and how to conduct valid risk assessments are very important in enabling covered entities to fulfill their obligations under the HIPAA regulations related to breach notifications requirements.

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Compliance professionals receive very little if any training on how to accurately identify and assess possible breaches. This webinar provides extremely useful information and practical examples on key aspects of the breach notification requirements. This can also promote a high level of compliance of a covered entity meeting its reporting obligations as they related to breaches.

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Privacy officers, security officers, HIPAA compliance professionals, and general compliance officers would benefit from this webinar. In addition, business associates and their security officers would benefit as they are also have requirement related to breaches and the breach notification regulations.

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