HIPAA Issues in Mental and Behavioral Health

Jonathan P. Tomes , J.D., is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. He is a health care attorney practicing in the greater Kansas City. He is a nationally recognized authority and expert witness on the legal requirements for health information. Jon has written more than 60 books, including the following: How to Handle HIPAA and HITECH Act Breaches, Complaints, and Investigations: Everything You Need to Know; The Compliance Guide to HIPAA and the DHHS Regulations, now in its sixth edition, along with its accompanying HIPAA Documents Resource Center CD, ; Electronic Health Records: A Practical C........


This webinar is not a total guide to HIPAA compliance. Total HIPAA compliance includes information on the standard transactions and code sets, identifiers, how to handle breaches, and the like. This webinar focuses on HIPAA's Security Rule and Privacy Rule compliance to enable mental and behavioral health professionals to effectively treat their clients without violating HIPAA's complex individual rights standards and disclosure standards. But no such discussion is complete without including state and federal laws that give more privacy protection than HIPAA and thus remain in effect. 42 Code of Federal Regulations, for example, will not allow a substance abuse provider to enter an arrest a client without a court order whereas HIPAA would under some circumstances. The webinar will answer such questions as whether you can leave a message on a client's answering machine, whether you can have group therapy sessions without violating HIPAA, whether you can call a client by name in the waiting room, and whether you can disclose your client's mental health condition to your licensure agency when answering a complaint from the client.

Why should you attend this webinar?

The Department of Health and Human Services has imposed civil money penalties (fines) as high as $4.8 million for breaches of patient confidentiality under HIPAA, and knowing how to respond to such incidents is crucial to avoiding or minimizing liability. In addition, a practice in either of these areas faces other fines, professional discipline, and lawsuits if it violates these other state or federal laws.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Who can Benefit:

Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals and their staffs, Privacy and Security Officers, Medical Records Professionals, IT Professionals, Office Managers, Risk Managers, Business Associates of Covered Entities (those that provide a service for the Covered Entity involving the use of individually identifiable health information (transcription services, billing services, cloud storage companies, and the like), Healthcare Attorneys, Compliance Officers.

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