ACH Exception Processing - Part 3 "Reinitiation and Reversals"

Donna K Olheiser, AAP,  is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc and she is the vice president of Education Services and founder of Dynamic Mastership, LLC.;and holds the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation (achieved in 2004). She is an enthusiastic and energetic Certified Master Trainer with over 14 year's training experience. She has designed and facilitated over 100 training sessions each year with her expertise being the rules for companies and financial institutions when processing electronic (specifically ACH) payments, then scheduling the events to facilitate and deliver the m........


Exception Processes isn't just "returns" and Stop Payments -- each day in ACH operations, exception processes take place such as: Prenotes, Reinitiation, Reversals, Returns, Extended Returns and NOCs (Notification of Change). Each of the three sessions will cover a different set of processes based on flow of transaction and participant involved (see below for detail on each one). Be sure to attend all three (90-minute) sessions to get the full effect of how each participant in the network have different obligations, warranties and responsibilities for each one of these processes. The trainer during each session will outline what you need to know to help ensure you're in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules.

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Session 3 - Reinitiation & Reversals - Recent Rule changes affect the process for Reinitiation of Entries by the Originator/ODFI, including a detailed change in the format of these types of Entries. The Reversal Process which is now referred to as the "Dishonored Returns and Contested Dishonored Returns Related to an Unintended Credit to a Receiver" has different compliance requirements as well for both the ODFI and the RDFI. Format changes for Reinitiated Entries for the ODFI and "recently added" Return Reason Codes to both these processes - that YOU need to know! This session will provide details on:

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