Best Practices in Cash Flow Management

Candace Leuck is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. She is president of Athena Finance Group, which works with clients to develop custom solutions and implement strategies to expand the opportunities of businesses and other organizations. Athena Finance Group specializes in solving solvency problems, implementing mergers, providing valuation expertise, and strategic planning.  Ms. Leuck spends much of her time developing custom solutions for clients and then educating those designated to implement strategies. This is accomplished through a cooperative working relationship with clients and ........


Cash is the blood of every organization and to survive the blood flow must be healthy. This course will give you all the tools you need to understand and effectively manage your cash flow into and out of your entity. We will discuss who, in your company, needs to have a comprehensive knowledge, what areas are most important to focus on,timing of your monitoring process, along with suggestions for the processes you need to have in place. The result of your new knowledge will be a proactive and responsive process relating to your management of cash.

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Facing another year where economic growth seems like a dream, outlook and attitude will be important. With capital sources still restricted and consumer confidence still in recovery, new avenues for successful cash management must be explored. Entities need to take advantage of all the financial management expertise available. The organizations that survive in our economy are the ones that develop the ability to remain solvent. Cash is essential to the daily functions of a business, and yet rarely managed to ensure that sufficient cash is on hand, or that excess cash is properly invested. Join us for a discussion of corporate cash management.

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