FCPA & Anti-Bribery Cases and Trends in the US, China, Russia

Grant Smith is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. He is a global trade compliance professional with 30 years experience in global logistics and trade compliance. A licensed customs broker and certified customs specialist. Mr Smith is also IATA and DOT Certified. Working for global corporations, implementing trade programs and providing training in multiple regions internationally. Licensed US Customs broker, and Certified Customs Specialist. Expert in classification, valuation, and Free Trade Agreements. . I have worked for the Brady Corporation for over 19 years. Previous experience inclu........


This course will cover all the basics of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Everyone involved in international trade has a responsibility to protect the business from violations. Due diligence, training, auditing, and reporting suspected violations to company officials is everyone's responsibility. This includes finance, tax, legal, supply chain, and IT professionals at every level. While it is common to see large companies get fines and penalties, it is import to know that all companies are subject to the laws. It is the intent to break the law not the amount involved in violations that is prosecuted. Corporate tax and finance are the first line of defense, but everyone needs to be vigilant.

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Companies engaged in global trade. Finance professionals, global tax professionals. Trade compliance professionals, logistics managers, company compliance officers, and import/export professionals will learn what the legal requirements are to have a compliant program. Finance and tax professionals will learn what the red flags and warning signs are. Brokers and Forwarders will learn how they can help their clients stay compliant. Legal departments will learn what the exceptions and defenses are under the FCPA. Corporate IT departments will learn what they can do to protect the company along with the legal and tax departments help. Limiting employee's ability to access or approve transactions through global ERP systems. Corporate Directors and Finance professionals will learn how to protect the company with appropriate due diligence programs

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