1099 ESSENTIALS Reporting of payments to Attorneys, Third parties, Sub-Contractors vs Employees

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In this ever changing world of business, it is critical that we correctly determine whether the individuals providing services to our companies are employees or independent contractors and per the statutes report such in the correct manner to avoid audits and other enforcement efforts. The employer also must be aware the with the Federal & State governments systems share any non compliance.
With this world of competitiveness, businesses are pushed to supply customers the best prices. One of the way companies are trying to cut expenses is reclassifying employees. Every business knows hiring employees can be increased hardship for businesses to provide benefits and pay increased wages, salaries with this some Employers might consider classify workers as Contractors.
The IRS states Employers need to be fully informed of the code and know how to determine Contractors vs. Employees to stay in compliance or face fines

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  1. Necessity of planning
  2. How to evaluate your systems strengths and weaknesses
  3. Will give you the knowledge you need for determination
  4. How to limit risks and costs with making decisions, 
  5. How to outline a plan 
  6. Acquire confidence to classify correctly
  7. Acquire confidence on the NEW 1099 Regulations Pub 1220
  8. Common Law Facts

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