Understanding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action

Ronald Adler is Keynote Speaker at Compliance key Inc. He is the president-CEO of Laurdan Associates, Inc., a veteran-owned, human resource management consulting firm that helps organizations enhance the value of their human capital and reduce their exposure to employment practices liability through human capital risk management.  Laurdan Associates specializes in HR audits, employment practices liability risk management, benchmarking and HR metrics, strategic HR, employee surveys, and unemployment insurance management issues.  Mr. Adler has more than 40 years of HR consulting experience worki........


In Fiscal Year 2016 almost 100,000 discrimination charges were filed with the EEOC and state Fair Employment agencies resulting in more than $300 million in non-litigated awards. And according to a study by the law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP, the top ten private plaintiff employment discrimination class action lawsuit suits cost employers more than $350 million.

An appellate court decision, which underscored the potential liability of improper EEO and Affirmative Action management, stated: " leaving managers with hiring authority in ignorance of the basic features of the discrimination laws is an 'extraordinary mistake' for a company to make, and a jury can find that such an extraordinary mistake amounts to reckless indifference.''

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Companies can ill-afford to make "extraordinary mistakes." Your organization's responsibilities require more than just getting the job done. Your organization directly affects employee commitment and engagement, morale and productivity, and employee retention. And since how well your organization manages and complies with the law, your actions or inactions expose your organization to significant liabilities. 

Unfortunately, without ongoing training, your organization even with the best intentions can make mistakes often, costly ones. This training webinar is designed to help your organization recognize and provide its management team with the basic tools to help them manage these key issues effectively and lawfully. It further provides you with actionable information to reduce your organization's exposure to employment discrimination claims. 

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